What forms of payment do we accept?

Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinners, Discover, Apple Pay, JCB)
We adapt to your purchase method, and we think about your security, that is why we have different payment options

What do I need to make a purchase?

Choose the model and finish the purchase process; Remember to have your prescription on hand to upload a picture and finish process.

What if I don't have my prescription?
Visit an ophthalmologist or optician for a visual exam. We recommend that you visit an eye health expert once a year.

Have an active credit or debit card and sufficient funds to make the purchase.
Have an address for the delivery of the purchase, it does not matter if it is your home, your grandparents or your office.
The delivery time of the product may vary due to the working hours of the carrier (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.), try to be attentive.

How do I obtain my prescription?

Once you are ready to purchase your glasses, it is important that your prescription IS NOT for CONTACT LENSES.
If you already have your prescription at the time of purchase attach the file or send it by email to hello@arthursons.com with your purchase order number.
In the case of progressive prescription, make sure you have your Interpupillary Distance and Addition.
Also remember that your prescription must be the most recent, this is imperative to cover 100% of your vision needs.

How do I know the status of my purchase?

Enter your account on the arthursons.com page by entering the same email and password that you used to make your purchase.
Remember to always have your purchase number to make the process quicker.

Can I request different models of lenses with different prescription?

Yes of course!
If you are interested in ordering multiple pairs using different prescriptions (Example: One for you, one for your partner or child. One pair for single vision and one for multiple visions (progressive).) Please make each request separately in the order for each of the different prescriptions.
Deliveries and returns of our products are always free of charge; therefore do not worry about the number of orders you place.


Can you help me choose my frame?

Of course!

Finding the right pair of frames can be difficult and our style expert is here to help you; contact our expert at any time:
Live Chat (Business hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Email the Style Expert at hello@arthursons.com
Upload a photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag #arthurandsons.us and we will advise you to find that framework that will change your style.
Just make sure your accounts are not private and we will be with you instantly.

What is the difference between single and progressive vision lenses?

Single Vision Lenses:
They offer a single correction on the entire lens, whether to see far or near.

Progressive Vision Lenses
They offer more than one correction or multiple corrections through the lens, through a comfortable transition; offering farsightedness correction in the upper part and nearsightedness correction in the lower part. This allows you to have all viewing distances without having to change lenses.

I can’t see anything without glasses, but I want sunglasses!

The innovation and technology of ARTHUR & SONS allows to prescribe sunglasses.


What if I have to exchange my purchase or made a mistake?

We process orders quickly, but we will do our best to accommodate the changes you need. Contact us as soon as possible in any of our communication channels:
Live chat -Business hours- 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
WhatsApp: +1 305 450 2505
Write to us at hello@arthursons.com
Find us on our Social Networks / We work from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Where is my confirmation order?

As soon as you make a purchase, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your order, this email will arrive at the email address you provided when registering on the site. If for any reason you did not receive the email or you can access your account at arthursons.com; if after 24 hrs. you have not received it yet, please contact customer service in our communication channels:

Live Chat (Business Hours) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Call us at +1 3054502505

Write to us at hello@arthursons.com


PHONE: +1 305450-2505

WHATSAPP: +1 305450-2505

EMAIL: hello@arthursons.com